I am rip roaring PO’d right now! Got a call from the “Nurse Manager” on my dad’s unit on at the Jewish Home of Rochester, NY. She told me that a massage therapist/companion I have hired can no longer come to the Jewish Home because she took a picture of a resident. I asked the “Nurse Manager” if my companion was told about this rule. She said the massage therapist should know because she is a professional. So, I then asked, was the massage therapist warned that was against the rules when she took the picture so she could delete. Again, she tells me she should just know. So, just so I now know, the “Nurse Manager” expects everybody to be a mind reader about all the rules at The Jewish. There is no need for said “Nurse Manager” to actually EDUCATE people on the procedures. Then she condescending said to me you can take this up with the Assistant Director of Nursing. Do you have a pen ready… Wow. What an awesome Manager — NOT! Looks like once again I have to Manage the piss poor Management at the Jewish home. Saving grace is the FANTASTIC hands on staff that actually cares about the residents…

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