Okay. I’m gonna totally unload on you right now. I called the Jewish Home of Rochester, NY today because I wanted to check in to see how Dad was and because I had a bad dream and wanted to make sure one of my wishes was granted. When I asked to to talk to nurse on duty she answer the phone “hello”. Didn’t say who she was and had an attitude. I asked who I was speaking to and she told me. I then proceeded to tell her my concern. When I asked her about Dad was she said, “Well he’s been as disruptive as ever.” I bit my tongue but wanted to tell her you know he can’t f*cking help it. Why is a person like that in a dementia unit. Speaking with improper english she tried to cover her ass and the Jewish Homes ass telling me about their fucking protocol because she’s been there for fucking 5 months. Welp, my Dad has been there for close to 3 years. I know the fucking protocol and it sucks. I can’t believe the lack of professionalism I have encountered since this “fabulous” new head of nursing has been in charge of my Dad’s unit. Okay. Done with rant. Thanks for listening…

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